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We are sorry to see you considering leaving us. Do you know we have other carriers we can quote for you that may offer better rates/coverage options for your needs? Before you consider leaving us, we would highly encourage you to make ABSOLUTELY sure your replacement policy provides adequate coverage or you may be doing yourself a major disservice thinking you may be obtaining a better rate, when in fact it could result in a much higher out of pocket expense at the time of a claim. Some things to keep in mind when a rate is almost “too good to be true”.

1.  Make sure you are not losing replacement coverage on your roof! Actual cash value factors in depreciation which will result in a much higher out of pocket expense at the time of a roof claim. This means your roof loses value year after year as it depreciates which also does not factor in your deductible. This could become very expensive for you in short time.  Think of a car accident, if you are in an accident with a 5 year old car, you know how little they pay for it due to depreciation.  This same concept applies.

2.  Make sure your deductibles are the same – Higher deductibles result in lower premiums, however it will cost you more at time of the claim.

3.  Are you sacrificing replacement coverage on your contents? – same concept as #1 above but now also applies to your personal belongings – yikes!

4.  Is wind driven rain included in your new policy? – would you be okay if your new company denies a claim on your roof/home because rain seeped in during a windy storm?

5.  Are you losing mold coverage? It is hot and muggy in FL, mold is rampant and from our experience is almost always an occurrence during a water damage claim.  Some big named companies actually specifically exclude this from their policies.

6.  Are you losing water damage coverage completely?  If your plumbing breaks, you are on your own.

7.  Are all perils included that you had on your policy with us? Different insurance forms provide different coverage. Not all policy forms are the same.

8.  Are you losing your rights to assign the policy in the event a carrier refuses to pay on a claim and you need professional services assistance to fight a claim?

There are a ton of factors that a lot of agents are not explaining to policy holders just to get them a “better rate”. 9 out 10 customers find out a policy they think is less expensive actually becomes a financial burden in the event a claim is needing to be filed. The worst part is it isn’t known until it is way too late.  We do not want you to fall victim to this whatsoever.

If you would like for us to review your quote and compare to your current policy, please call us immediately – 407-878-2888

If you wish to still proceed to cancel your policy anyway, please CLICK HERE

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