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Choosing the right Florida annuity could mean the difference between having a financially comfortable and miserable life. Annuities are basically investments that can provide you with financial security, continuous cash inflows and tax advantages. The most common types are the Single Premium Immediate Annuities, otherwise known as SPIAs. These annuities are called as such because they can give you monthly payments immediately, right after you provide the funds to the insurance provider. By immediately, it means 30 days after you deposit the funds.

When you invest in an immediate Florida annuity, the insurance company will be bound to provide you, the annuitant, with regular monthly payments for a specified number of years, which can last for the rest of your life depending on the agreement. But it must be emphasized that the benefits that you can enjoy when you invest in an annuity goes beyond financial security. For one, annuities are known to be simple to handle. You do not have to lose hair about monitoring markets or learning how to compute for dividends or interest rates because you do not have to manage your investment by yourself. And two, annuities essentially have higher returns compared to other investment vehicles like treasury bills or CDs. You will also get higher monthly payments because a portion of the principal will be paid off each month.

Besides SPIAs, another popular Florida annuity is the Fixed Single Premium Deferred Annuity. Essentially, this type of investment has similar features as an SPIA, except that the insurance company will defer monthly payments to you. You can think about this annuity much like your piggy bank. In short, there is an accumulation period before you can reap the benefits. Deferred annuities usually have lower risks. They are perfect if you want to leave a legacy to your family. With a Fixed Single Premium Deferred Annuity, you get a fixed guaranteed interest rate. Next, you can also opt for a Fixed Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity. This type of annuity basically gives you more flexibility in your investment. You can enjoy flexible payments, both in terms of your contribution amounts and the time you deposit your payments.

Finally, you can consider a type of Florida annuity known as a Fixed Indexed Annuity. This investment vehicle is essentially the same as other fixed annuities, only it has a bigger chance of giving you more interest. It all depends on the performance of the index used. A fixed indexed annuity allows you to benefit from the fluctuation in indices even though your money is, in fact, not playing in the market. Your annuity is enhanced by upside index performance, but it is spared if the index used goes down providing you true security of your principal and any interest accumulated.Truly, in a time when everyone is reeling from the effects of the recent global economic downturn, looking at any Florida annuity can help you get back on your feet and secure your financial future.

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