Cancel My Policy Anyway

If you still want to cancel your current policy, we must receive these two REQUIRED documents. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY OTHER DOCUMENTATION – ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please upload the required documentation to the form below as well as complete the required form. Faxed, emailed requests will be directed to upload to this form. We under no circumstances will accept requests from third parties such as agents, friends, family members, etc. It must be from a named insured on the policy to be accepted.

1. A copy of your new Declarations page (we do not accept quotes, rate sheets, applications, temporary evidence of insurance) – It must be the ISSUED DECLARATIONS PAGE.  This shows your name, address, policy number, coverage limits, deductibles etc.

2. Insurance Industry Accord Cancellation Request Form – YOUR NEW AGENT MUST BE COMPLETE THIS IN ITS ENTIRETY! Please understand that we will not assist another agent with filling out a form that is standard in our industry. They should know how to complete this. Under no circumstances will we complete the form on your behalf when you are no longer willing to work with us. When you decide to purchase insurance with another agent, you are firing us. As a service oriented business, we provide service to our clients, not our competitors. If you are cancelling your policy with us, we will not be in a position to help you any longer unless you choose to keep your policy active with us. Any missing or incomplete information along with named insured missing wet signatures or e-signature confirmation pages will be rejected until received as required. – ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS We will not accept, discuss, disclose or communicate with another agent about your policy to protect your private information- You may download a copy of the form:


Policy Cancellation Request

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