The Easiest Way to Slash Premiums on Your Florida Homeowners Insurance

Hello!  I am very excited to share this information with you all today!  This is very important if you want to slash premium on your Florida homeowners insurance policy!

With premiums constantly increasing on your Florida homeowners insurance policy, I am sure you are wondering how you can end the frustration of ever increasing premiums each year when your policy renews.  Most companies including yours have filed rate increases any where between 10% to 35%+ over your previous policy period.  The reasons they have increased premiums on your homeowners insurance is because of the fraudulent claims that were made against most insurance companies for sinkhole damages.

Over the past couple years public adjusters have been door knocking letting customers know that they have a crack on the exterior of their home and they could file a claim for sinkhole damages.  The average sinkhole cliam is about $75,000 and the public adjusters have been using this as “bait” to get the customer interested in an easy amount of cash from the insurance companies.  Unfortunately public adjusters did not disclose the consequences to the homeowner when filing the sinkhole claim.  They have been taking any where between 20% to 40% of the settled claim amount, leaving the customer with less than the required amount to do the repairs.  They also didn’t disclose that they would be non renewed if they didn’t do any repairs, and of the people who didnt follow through with the repairs, they are stuck with Citizens as an alternative.  Now, if you have watched TV lately, Citizens has made a few statements that have caused a red flag for their policyholders.  In the end, the customer is now being penalized during the sale process and their value of the home can drop all the way to 50% of the normal value or less due to the sinkhole claim that they never repaired.

Florida homeowners insurance companies have lost billions of dollars towards these types of cliams in 2010-2012 resulting in ever increasing premiums so they can recoup some of the losses that dishonest customers have caused.  But how can we offset those costs?  What about 30-50% less than the current premium you are paying?

Florida homeowners have been able to save this type of percentage over their current premium by having a wind mitigation inspection done.  This has been a “secret” that agents have not been disclosing to customers since 2005.  Having a wind mitigation inspection is a sure fire way to slash your premium on your Florida homeowners insurance policy.  Not only are the discounts a substantial amount, but they are good for 5 years!  Having a premium on your homeowners insurance policy that is 30-50% less than what you are currently paying and have that kind of premium for 5 years in a row is a huge benefit to you as a home owner.  We all could use the extra savings to do other things that are more important than paying your insurance policy that is more than it should be to begin with.

Usually if you tried to have one done by an inspector that you have been searching for, you will pay anywhere between $125-$150 for the inspection.  In my eyes this is ridiculous and is taking advantage of honest customers.  We are able to offer the inspection for half of this price, only $75.  We can also help you obtain a rate so low with such a great carrier you would think it is too good to be true, but in fact, it is the truth.  We love to help you save on your insurance, that is what we are here for.  I hope this finds you well in your near future for your Florida homeowners insurance policy renewal.

Your Insurance Agent,

Jonathan Djordjevic

Agency Owner

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