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Understanding Coverage and Your Options

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Florida is a no-fault auto insurance state and understanding what is covered and what is not can be confusing, especially if you are trying to obtain coverage for the very first time. There are many coverage options available to you that you can purchase for your policy. Below you will find information that explains the different coverage sections of an auto insurance policy and help you determine which options are right for you.

Coverage Options for Florida Auto Insurance Quotes

When you are shopping for Florida auto insurance quotes, each coverage option on your policy covers a different aspect when an accident occurs and covers you in a certain way. The following sections will explain the coverage options that are available in Florida for your auto policy.


Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily injury liability on an auto insurance policy does not protect you or your car directly, but rather protects the vehicle operator from potential claims for damages caused, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. This coverage also protects the operator if an accident is caused by a family member living with you or a person driving your car with your consent.


This is one of the most important coverage options on an auto insurance policy and must be purchased in Florida. There are minimum limits that Florida requires but are usually extremely low and inadequate. Your decision when purchasing this coverage on your policy should be based on your desire to protect you and your family’s assets from additional claims above and beyond the limits on the policy. Many coverage amounts are available to you and one of us can discuss your concerns if you are not sure as to how much you need to purchase.


Property Damage Liability

Property damage liability on an auto insurance policy protects you if damage were to be caused to property of others, such as broken fenders, broken glass, or a damaged wall or fence when an accident occurs. Your insurance will pay for this damage whether you are driving your vehicle or another person was driving your vehicle with your consent. There are maximum limits your insurance company will pay for claims when an accident occurs so it is important to make sure that you have adequate enough limits to protect your family’s assets from being vulnerable.

Uninsured Motorist Liability

Uninsured motorist liability coverage protects you. This coverage pays you if you become injured by a hit and run driver or someone who is not insured. This coverage takes the place of the insurance the other driver should have purchased but does not have. Some policies also contain coverage for under-insured drivers. This type of coverage protects you from drivers who have purchased auto insurance but do not have enough coverage to cover the cost of the entire claim.

Personal Injury Protection

This coverage will pay you, your relative, or any other person riding in your vehicle a minimum benefit amount per injury, regardless of whose fault. Some of the following benefits enable you to extend the benefits of personal injury protection:

Medical Payments: This benefit protects you of all reasonable charges for medical, hospital, surgical, professional nursing, ambulance, prosthetic, optometric, and X-ray services.

Work Loss Benefit: This coverage pays you a benefit for loss of wages up to a specific amount for a certain term following an injury you have incurred.

Depending on what insurance carrier you choose for auto insurance coverage, there are other benefits you can get that will help protect you in the event you, a family member, or someone you gave consent to drive your vehicle, is injured.

Property Damage Coverage

Comprehensive: Comprehensive coverage pays if your vehicle is damaged from all non-collision related damages including fire, severe weather, vandalism, theft, and flood. Broken glass, such as windshield damage, is also covered under comprehensive coverage. This is an optional coverage that you may choose to purchase on your policy. It is not as expensive as collision coverage and most consumers choose to carry it.

Collision: This type of coverage pays for physical damage to your car as the result of your auto colliding with another object, such as a tree or another car. This coverage is optional, and is up to you to purchase it on your policy. For an older vehicle this type of coverage may not be the best option.

The reason for this is because you could end up paying more in premium than you would ever receive as a result of a claim. The insurance company is required to cover only your financial expenses, not replace your entire vehicle. So, if you had an older car that was in an accident, it might cost more to repair the vehicle than it would to “total” the car and pay you what it is worth. In some cases, the car might not be worth more than the premiums paid to the policy for this coverage.

Both types of property damage coverage include a deductible that must be met in order for the company to cover the remaining balance of unpaid damage. Many deductible options exist and you may choose from the available deductible amounts as to how much you would like to pay out of your pocket before the insurance company pays for the rest of the damage. The lower the deductible, the higher the premium is for the coverage. If you are unsure as to which deductible option is right for you, one of our agents would be more than glad to discuss this in deeper detail with you.

Additional Options

There are additional coverage options available to you to help cover the costs associated with a rental vehicle and/or towing when your car needs to be transported to a repair shop. Some of the most common additional coverage options available to you are:

Rental Reimbursement: In the event your vehicle is damaged and needs to be in a repair shop for a certain amount of time, this coverage pays a certain amount for you to drive a rental vehicle while your car is in the shop being repaired. Different amounts are available depending on your preference and may be purchased at any time.

Towing & Labor: When your vehicle becomes disabled, this coverage pays a certain amount for expenses related to towing. Each company has different guidelines pertaining to this coverage. Some offer a dollar amount they will reimburse for the cost of towing your vehicle and others offer to cover the expense depending on how far the vehicle is towed from the location of disablement.

Purchasing Florida Auto Insurance That is Right for You

When you are purchasing a Florida auto insurance policy, make sure that you know what coverage options you are getting and how each of them work. There are many different auto insurance companies that offer similar coverage but pay out in a unique way.

Making sure you know how coverage will pay on your auto insurance policy, will provide you peace of mind in the long run as well as will help you work through a claim calmly and smoothly. If you have questions or are unsure as to which coverage is right for you, one of our Florida auto insurance quotes specialists will be more than glad to discuss your concerns and help you find a policy that addresses your specific needs and is right for you!


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