Top 5 Vehicle Models for The Most Affordable Florida Auto Insurance Quotes

When deciding on which type of car to purchase, it is often a good idea to consider which vehicles are the most affordable to insure.  As it is an inevitable and necessary expense, it only makes sense to look for a car that will be economical in the long-run as well as upfront.  Beyond the knowledge that more expensive, luxury cars tend to have a higher car insurance premium than entry-level smalls-sized ones, you might be surprised to see what models lend themselves to low cost Florida auto insurance quotes.  When searching for lists of vehicles and their average insurance costs, it is important to check the source from where the statistics are coming.  Many websites tend to skew numbers in their favor if promoting a particular car.  For this reason, it is important to go with an impartial listing.

On average, the cheapest vehicle to insure is the Hyundai Santa Fe.  Interestingly enough, this is an SUV.  Many people tend to incorrectly assume that a smaller car has a better chance at qualifying for affordable Florida auto insurance quotes.  However, due to the various features and the good price point that the Hyundai Santa Fe has to offer, it is rated as being the least expensive to cover.  Another SUV that is affordable to insure is the Kia Sportage.  With prices very comparable to the Santa Fe, this is a great choice when considering the purchase of a new vehicle. 

A third option that is great for finding cost effective Florida auto insurance quotes is the Hyundai Entourage.  While not an SUV, it still offers a great amount of space due to the fact that it is a minivan.  Hyundai makes great, dependable cars that are also affordable.  You are no longer restricted to purchasing an expensive car in order to get great features and comfort.  Another great instance of this is another minivan, the Kia Sedona.  Coming in at an insurance price that is still on par with even the least expensive options, this is a great choice for a savvy spender. 

Offering insurance for the same price as the Sedona is the Kia Rio5.  This is a passenger-sized vehicle with great fuel economy.  It also offers tons of safety features at a great price.  Although this car still offers a very low insurance rate, it goes to show you that size does not necessarily predict coverage costs.  Therefore, when looking to buy a vehicle, investigate a variety of cars and you just might be surprised at which promote affordable Florida auto insurance quotes.

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