How Claims Affect Your Florida Auto Insurance Quotes

The best consumer of affordable Florida auto insurance quotes will lay low, pay their bills on time, and remain under the radar. This way, they will be able to keep access to their low payment plans, and gain a higher standing with the insurance agency of their choice. However, sometimes accidents happen, and in that case, you will want to know how claims affect your insurance premium. This will depend on the type of claim that is filed, and what happened in the accident, including whether or not alcohol was involved, the severity of damages, and which driver was at fault.

Generally speaking, it is easy for you to keep your low cost Florida auto insurance quotes if you were not the driver at fault when you file your claim with the insurance company. There should be no hesitation in filing claims, because that’s why you have insurance in the first place. However, for a real minor fender bender, it may not be entirely necessary. How claims affect your insurance premium will vary depending on what carrier you are using, but in most cases it’s better to not bother if the damages are very slight.

This is because accident reporting, however minor, could appear as a black mark on your driver profile that is on file with the insurance agencies. Again, it will depend on the company, but it makes you think twice before risking losing your affordable Florida auto insurance quotes. How claims affect your insurance premium should make you a safer driver, if anything, because sometimes it’s just not worth it to go through all of the paperwork and time it takes to file a claim, not to mention the impact on your premium.

This is an issue that should be addressed when you are beginning the process of shopping around for Florida auto insurance quotes. Each insurance company has different policies on this matter, so be sure to ask how claims affect your insurance premium before committing to a policy or specific company. This can avoid unpleasant and unexpected fees down the road. In most cases, the impact on your premium will be slight, so you should have no fear in filing one, but still, it is a good idea to look into before the issue even arises. To learn more about this it’s helpful to consult with a professional independent agent, for advice.

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