Find Out How Your Teen’s Good Grades in School Can Reward Your Wallet When Shopping Florida Auto Insurance Quotes

Most parents with teenagers are aware of the substantial increase in auto insurance costs.  As new drivers have less experience, both driving and in general, they are seen as a higher liability in the eyes of an insurance company.  Therefore, if you have a teen, finding affordable Florida auto insurance quotes can be a challenge.  Even if after a year or so of driving without having any infractions, policies for teenage drivers are still above and beyond regular pricing.  However, one way to cut your costs a bit is through a good grade discount. 

This discount provides good incentive for maintaining a high average in school and teaches kids a great deal of responsibility.  Particularly if you choose to have your kids pay for their own portion of the coverage, this incentive program will reward both of you with a good price on auto insurance.  If your child already has good grades, there is motivation for them to keep up their good work.  However, if your teenager is not getting the marks you desire, this is a great tool to bring them up to par.  You will be happy knowing your kids are doing well in school and they will be happy by receiving affordable Florida auto insurance quotes.

The great thing about this program is that it is very easy to apply for and can take effect almost instantly, ultimately putting more money into your pocket.  All that is necessary is your child’s current report card.  As long as they are maintaining a B average or better, you should qualify for these savings.  Simply bring the report card to your insurance agent for them to make a copy for their records.  Then, they will make a note on your file and you will most likely see the reduction immediately.  With this discount, it is finally possible to find cost effective Florida auto insurance quotes even with a teenager on your policy.

However, one cannot automatically assume that their insurance company offers this discount.  Luckily, the majority do, but you need to check with your current provider to make sure.  If your insurance company does not have this incentive program, it might be worthwhile to look into one that does.  The savings, which could be up to 10%, can significantly reduce your costs, and will probably be cheaper than the lowest non-discounted quote you can find.  With a good grades discount, finding affordable Florida auto insurance quotes for you and your teen is now a whole lot easier.

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